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photo: Japanese "Emakake"

Japanese traditional "Obon vacation" will start from tomorrow for most Japanese people. In my industry, it is going to be supposed to be busy before long term vacation. It's exactly the situation like that. So, I'm going to have to work a little on the vacation.

Having said that, I vaccinated for Covid-19 yesterday, so I got a shoulder pain and little fever. I thought why I did this right now which is under busy situation. But I have social responsibilities as I manage my own business, and I have a lot of opportunities to meet people at site. So, I decided to vaccinate. Whereas, I was considering whether I should do it or not.

There are a lot of doubts or anxieties about vaccine generally. However, this matter should be decided by yourself carefully.

I put "Ema-kake" for restaurant recently. This restaurant create of the good old days like a Showa-era. I used Ipe for base, and fixed it to concrete firmly, and put "Ema-kake" on it bolted firmly. I relieved that it went smooth. This is new symbol of restaurant.



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