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フィンユール展/The exhibition of Finn Juhl







The Exhibition of Finn Juhl

I visited to the exhibition of Finn Juhl a month ago. I rushed to go there, because the exhibition was almost over.

Finn Juhl is famous for Chair designer, but he is an architect as well. There were many people there, even it was a weekday. It must be gathering attention in Japan.

Though he is not my type of design, the detail of his chair is amazingly beautiful. In this era, it is used many kinds of luxury woods, like Brazilian rosewood, teak, mahogany and stuff like that for chair. Recently It is really hard to find those luxury woods, especially good one of those.

There were some of Scandinavian designer's chair, like Hans Wegner, Borge Mogensen, etc other than Finn Juhl.

It was worth seeing.

I feel pain in my rib lately, because I had been working on kind of large scale of furniture for a month. I feel pain even every time I breathe. I have still some work in this year though...

Please stay safe and take care of myself. ciao.





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