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伝統工芸品/traditional crafts

先日、渋谷区松濤に構える小料理屋さん ''松濤はろう''さんにこけしの長押というかハンガーラックを製作/取付してきました。アイデアはお客さんで、アンティークこけしをどうにかしてハンガーラックにしてほしいということだったので、試行錯誤した結果無事に形になりました。





photo: kokeshi hanger rack

I made some hanger racks made of Kokeshi(Kokeshi is Japanese traditional craft)for Japanese restaurant. The customer came up with an that idea. Then, the customer wanted me to make those somehow. I was kind of nervous to make those, because those are one-of-a-kind or keep strength and shape is not straight, I mean those are sort of deformed and stuff. therefore I thought it was gonna be hard.

I tried to make those somehow better way. I used bolt to join Kokeshi and base together. I also made kokeshi level for cutting. I finally have finished all nicely.

Then I put those on a wall at restaurant.

There were nothing on a wall before. But now, It gets some colors.



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