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脚は福岡で鉄工所をやっているGroovy Seamsのケイ君に特注で製作してもらいました。


photo: meeting table

It's been rainy season in Japan and the rest of year is just half finally. I'm watching MLB now, which is Blue jays vs Red Sox. It's Canada Day today, so there are many people in Blue jay's stadium. I envy people there because they can see the match of Kikuchi vs Yoshida.

In East Canada, It has long winter, therefore the summer season is precious time for people in Canada. We can not imagine how they feel waiting for the summer. Many outdoor events are held as well.

I put a huge meeting table at customer place in Tokyo. Those were too heavy to handle those by myself, so some people working there helped me to get those in. I really appreciate that. Those iron legs that I ordered were made by Groovy Seams which is owned by my friend in Fukuoka. He always does beautiful work.



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