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日本民藝館/Japanese"Mingei" museum



少し前ですが、久々に民藝館に行ってきました。"生誕100年 柚木沙弥郎展"です。今までの柚木さんの作品の歴史を知る事ができると思います。戦後、民藝館を訪れ柳宗悦のアドバイスを受け静岡の染色家へと修行へ行く経緯等々の館内で視聴できる映像がなんだかほっこりしてて良かった。良い課外活動ができました。これからも益々のご活躍を期待しています。


photo: Samiro Yunoki Exhibition

It's already February. February is little shorter than other months. So, It's coming the expired of Tax return which is March 15th. (The date of Tax return in Japan) That's terrible.

It snowed a couple days ago which has been a while. Children were delightful and my work on site was postponed. It was good for me. Because, snow piled up on the ground.

I visited "Japanese Mingeikan" which is the museum collected "Mingei" from all over Japan. "Mingei" is folk craft.

This time, What I looked at was "Samiro Yunoki" Exhibition. He is Japanese textile-dyeing craftsman. This is the 100th anniversary of his birth. We can see his many works that he has done ever. So, we can know his background. It was very interesting. I hope he will do the best.

Recently, I went to Hanno city to help my acquaintance for site. Honno is located on up north west from my town. I could see the beautiful mountain covered with snow because it's little bit cold there basically. I can tell that Hanno city is lively every time when I visit there. There is no shopping mall seems like to be in rural area because there are many small private stores. It is good stuff.





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