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梅雨/Rainy season


最近更新が滞っています。週一の更新を心掛けているのですが、これからkeep in mindでやっていきます。さて、ジメジメの梅雨のシーズンがやってきましたね。家具屋さんには嫌な






photo: renovated door. used to be painted red.

It's been a while. I'm kind of lazy to update blog recently. I have to keep in mind that.

By the way, Rainy season has started in Japan. It's not good for furniture making, especially solid wood. But, It's one of taste of Japan, so I'm gonna enjoy it.

I enjoy to go to Public bath with my two kids at the end of month nowadays. It's becoming routine. Kids apparently can't wait it. Because, they can drink pops which is kind of special one. It's Jerry drink. They love to drink that, It's not bath. I'm ok with it. I'd be happy they remembered I'd taken them when they grew up.

About works, I renovated part of entrance for restaurant. This construction was to renovate entrance doors used to be painted red, and to paint iron frame of eaves.

It was so hard to remove the red paint but It went well somehow. Doors were made of solid wood. So, I could plane whole.

Now, I'm making 7 of chairs. Thankfully, this work is from the same costumer as doors. There are many parts for making 7 chairs, so I'm making with carefully and accurately.





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