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毎日暖かい日が続いています。本日は3月中旬並みの陽気だそうです。明日は一気に寒くなるとか。今日はふと思ったこと、独立起業です。私の周りは独立起業している人が意外に多いです。(そこまで友達は多い方ではないかな汗)大学以降に知り合った親しい友人は結構な割合で独立しています。カナダで出会った友人もここ直近で3人も独立しました。 私の場合、この業界でやっていこうと思った時には独立すると決めていました。時は2008年、当時東京都が主催する"職人塾"という職人を2週間程体験できる催しに参加しました。


そんな自分が今こうやって独立をして何とかやっていけてるので、人生分からないものです。明日には吹き飛んでしまってもおかしくない超零細企業ですが、コツコツ積み重ねていくしかないのです。その過程を大事に。 つい先日、カナダ時代の友人が腹をくくり独立を決めました。素晴らしい。ふと当時の自分を思い出しました。

photo: making chair /椅子量産中

It's been warm day everyday. It seems like spring is just around the corner. But It's going to be chilly tomorrow.

I just thought about being self-employed. I noticed that the majority of people who around me are working as self-employed.  I don't know why. Many friends who I met since university era are working on their own business. 3 people I met in Canada started their own business recently.

I've already decided to become self-employed when I started to work as cabinet maker. At that time, I joined to "Syokunin-juku" which I can experience occupation of labor work. Then, that person I met there recommended to go to vocational school anyway. Finally I took a step forward as cabinet maker. To be honest with you, I was really considered whether I should go this way. Because, I was not so young at that time, and many anxieties for my future. However, I noticed that I didn't need to be worried about that at all. Most of people at vocational school were around 35 to 45 years old. They had strong passion and aspiration obviously. I was overwhelmed by that.

Time has passed, I was doing my own business. Anyone can have any wishes if you have aspiration. One of my friend who I met in Canada decided to become self-employed and seems like he'll do whatever he want. Just do it.





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