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怪我をしないようにやっていきたいと思います。 注意一秒 事故一生。

photo: straighten up

I currently helped the trade who was my class mate when we were in vocational college. The main job in a day was carrying furniture into the condominium. The place was Tokyo. So always main job in a day is carry furniture into the place when we work at Tokyo. I think it is harder than furniture installation sometimes. Mostly, streets are narrow and we can't stop the car on the side of street for long time, even short time. So, we have to put someone beside the car who keep an eye on the car to avoid receiving a parking ticket from the police sometimes.

Total 7 or 8 of my classmates when I was in vocational college started making furniture by myself so far. There were about 30 students in total in my class. So, I think it is high probability. We sometimes get together and do information exchange. good company.

By the way, my university friend has been having his own Thai massage spa for over 15years so far.I really respect him. One day, I got a consultation about making sign from him. It was the end of last year. I've finished it finally. It's been spending too much time. I'm so sorry for that.





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