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虫取り/insect hunting





photo: Ranzan mountain stream

Hello. I've had some hectic weeks so far. I've finished some quick delivery works. It was really hard to the end. Because, it doesn't allow to do any mistakes.

I have some opportunities like this situation in the year, It's ok for a few times. If it's every time, I'm gonna have something trouble for mental ^^;

By the way, I went to the mountain stream with my family on a sunny day. It was to insects hunting. The day was after typhoon, so the water level was too high to walk along the river side.

However, It was ok, because of really nice wether.

We hunted various types of butterflies there, like swallowtail butterfly, and black one of it. My kids were really excited. I recommend to go to "Ranzan Keikoku" on a sunny day. It's easy access from Tokyo. There were bees around so, get proper cloth on.





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