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Monji 川越/Monji-Kawagoe




OPENからとても評判の良いお店で、店主の気さくな人柄が滲み出たお店なので最寄りの人は是非行ってみて下さい。絶品中華と良い音楽が楽しめます。(音楽(特にBlack music)とても詳しいです)



photo: Japanese ash laminated lumber

Rainy season started in Japan. It is hard to make furniture in this season because of high humidity. Wood goes crazy, so I need to go somewhere for escaping from this season.

My friend who met in Toronto just started his own business which is Chinese-based bal in Kawagoe, Saitama called Monji Asian bar.

I just helped him for construction of interior. It is good atmosphere, good chinese food and music. He is the master of black music.

I met him in Canada in 2006. He was same age as me and my neighbor, so we often hang out. He used to play DJ in Japan, therefore he joined member of Canadian HipHop group. He is good friend.

I'm making huge meeting table. It is Japanese ash. It is too heavy to move it by myself. Sometimes I really need a hand in this situation where I can't handle like this. I wanna shout "Help me~!!" Take care, ciao.





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