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memories of canada 2








カナダに来て2ヶ月経たずに運よく仕事が決まり、語学学校も2ヶ月で卒業することになり、仕事一本でのカナダ生活が始まりました。語学学校での生活もかなり貴重な体験で、未だに世界各国の友達と繋がることができています。 つづく。

photo: Toronto in winter.

I arrived at peason international airport on April in 2006. I was welcomed by my host family then my Canada life has started. My host family was Italian Canadian, they have two kids one was junior high school student, little brother was 5 years old at that time. I always used to play skateboarding and card game, watching movies and stuff with them since I was welcomed them.

City of Toronto is kind of cozy place like a shrinking Tokyo. It's easy to ride a bike around town. and it is great melting pot of many races like a Manhattan.

The town which I lived in first was a ordinary residential area. We can often see the methodical street like a grid in oversees. I've started to study English at school two weeks later arriving in Toronto. I was really excited to talk with friends from another country. I realized that I have been living in small world so far.

I started to find new job after a month passed. But It was very hard to find a job I wanted. In that time, I found a job offering on a message board at Japanese food market. It was Canadian furniture store. At that time I was 24 years old. I've never thought about working at furniture store though. But, I'm kinda interested in product design. And then, I could started working for that store through several steps of start working fortunately.

That store does interior design, and selling antiques stuff other than original furniture. Some Japanese antique buyers visited that store. I often get job request from some of them nowadays.

I graduated ESL for 2 months, and I started working in Canada. I got valuable experiences in my school life.





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