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秋の花火/Fireworks in Autumn





11月23日より21_21 DESIGN SIGHTで開催する「もじ イメージ Graphic 展」に参加するそうです。 サイト→



photo: pieces of furniture for residence(所沢_個人邸 色々製作させて頂きました)

Good morning. It's been for a month. Finally, it became once in a month. It's not good.

It has held fireworks in my local city yesterday. It's been for 4 years. It was supposed to be held in Summer. But It was terrible wind at that night so it postponed to this November. It was new to see the fireworks in Fall. That was actually better than Summer to see it. It's not too hot and clear sky. But I might still like seeing fireworks while hot summer.

I've been very busy so far. It is so messy in my factory and office as well. It's time to straighten up.

By the way, the rest of 2023 is just 2 months already. What am I gonna do for that. Time is really flying. Covid-19 has been calming so that people are moving everywhere at the same time. That's why maybe.

One of my friends who is graphic designer "Kamihoriuchi Bijyutsu" join the graphic design exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Tokyo. I made some stuff for him.





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